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Champion Endurance Arabian Horses for Sale

TR Khemaa - pedigree
A 1993 bay mare with a blaze and 4 white stockings by Khemosabi Legacy out of a Karadjordje granddaughter.  She stands 14h2" but has that Khemosabi charisma that demands attention.  She has over 1000 endurance miles to her credit and has produced five spectacular colts, but a Tevis injury has reduced her to a lesson/kids horse and broodmare.  She is totally bomb-proof for kids and has one of those lovable dispositions which will make her perfect for any family.  Her pedigree makes her an outstanding producer of the next generation of endurance horses.  She just delivered another incredible filly on April 29...see BBA Nahdeerah on our news page!  SCID clear and DNA typed.



Asad Wazim - pedigree
(Powerful Lion)




Congratulations to Randy Cowin of Fallcity, WA for the purchase of this wonderful gelding.  The two report that they have bonded happily and are closing up on 500 miles together with nary a pull!


Photo by Paschal Karl


BBA Zahrah - pedigree


We were sad to see her go, but Zahrah went to a new home in Jedda, Saudi Arabia.  She has now delivered a beautiful chestnut filly named "Blondie" in Arabic (by FS Tsunami) and I just came back from visiting them. 



BBA Fahad Al Hadi- pedigree

(Gentle Black Leopard)

SOLD - Congratulations to Terry and Martha Fairbanks of Bozeman, MT




Fahdeelah - pedigree

(Virtuous Girl)

A 2000 bay mare with a perfect star and four white socks out of Assaleah (by WM Bastion) by Desperado V. Another totally breath-taking product  of our Varian crosses, this little lady is 14h3", feminine and elegant. She trots like a deer, loves all attention, and clearly knows she's gorgeous!  She produced a gorgeous bay 2004 colt, is DNA-typed and SCID clear, so her possibilities to add to your broodmare band or performance string are  phenomenal! She has finished 830 endurance miles including the grueling Big Horn 60 and has been totally flawless!  She has become a bold leader and a terrific competitor.  Although I have not done a hundred with her yet, veterinarians uniformly comment that she looks as good at the finish of a tough 50 as she did at the beginning.  She is definitely ready to move up in a strong competitor's hands!  Photo by Paschal Karl.

Sweepstakes nominated


Watch a video of Fahdeelah 

BBA Tscirocco- pedigree

(Desert Wind)

Our 2007 chestnut colt out of Zakeeyah by FS Tsunami.  Zakeeyah was Cate's racing mare before she went to college, and this is her first baby.  He has 4 absolutely perfectly symmetrical white socks and a lovely head, short back and powerful hip.  He is already 15hh1"as a six year old, so I'm guessing he will reach his mother's size before he quits growing.  A gorgeous mover with a real attitude!  Now with 270 endurance miles to his credit.  He's taken two Best Conditions so far this year;  one carrying over 300 lbs on a LD and his second at Elk Creek on the 60 mile day.  Vets are all in agreement that this is a hundred mile and multi-day horse.  Gentle, sensitive, but he likes to be in front!  Photo by Paschal Karl.

Sweepstakes nominated


Watch a video of Tscirocco

BBA Khaleelah - pedigree



Congratulations to Ann Kratochvil of California for the purchase of this sweetie.  Ann reports she is doing regular 50s now and has been consistently awesome!  Best wishes for much more success to come!




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